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BSA is an international aluminum alloy wheels manufacturer, which was formed in 1995. It was incorporated as a private limited company in February 2000 and subsequently was converted to a public company in August 2000. BSA entered into a new chapter when it was officially listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on 30 May 2002. BSA offers a wide range of aluminum alloy wheels, which are crafted especially to reflect the status quo of its users, ranging from ordinary drivers to the world class motor-sport drivers.

The company name - BSA - symbolizes Bold, Stylish and Successful Automotive. It was the founder's inspiration for the vision of being bold, stylishly and emerging as a successful manufacturer of aluminum alloy wheels in the world. BSA's corporate colors are Green & Yellow. The former depicts environmental friendliness through alloy recycling and the latter represents exotic, creative, prestigious, royal and elegance.
The internationally accepted symbol of SUCCESS.

BSA started as an importer of alloy wheels from Germany, Italy, England, Japan and Taiwan and has grown over the last ten years to become the largest importer in Malaysia. Subsequently, BSA has also become the largest importer of tires from France, England, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

From the past experience of dealing with Wheels & Tires, we have acquired the technological expertise and experience to manufacture and offer the widest range of durable and stylish aluminum alloy wheels of the highest quality.
Nestled at the verdant foothills of Rawang, an emerging industrial area north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, stand the proud symbol of achievement of BSA Manufacturing Sdn Bhd state-of-the-art aluminium alloy wheel manufacturing plant, occupying a 4.0 acre site.

BSA manufacturing Sdn Bhd becomes the first-ever Malaysian company to combine the use of Japanese technology with HI-Tech Robotic Casting machine and is also the First Malaysian alloy wheels manufacturing company awarded The ISO9001 Certificate.
All alloy wheels manufactured are in line with the required standards of International Bodies (like Germany-TUV, Japan-JVIA & America).
Up-to-date, BSA has invested more than RM50 million in the business.
BSA accomplished yet another distinction by being the first Malaysian company that produces fully tested alloy wheels for motorcycles.
Today, BSA high quality products are widely used in over 62 countries including Europe, North and South Americas. In the domestic market, there are over 1500 authorized dealers selling BSA products.
Due to its high and successful ability to manufacture quality alloy-wheels, BSA brand is well known and accepted internationally.

BSA - The World Class Manufacturer.
In order to meet the ever growing demand of BSA high-quality alloy wheels, In 1998 took over and existing facctory in Alor Gajah, Malacca to help to cope with the demand. The factory was then re-named as CAM Component Alloy Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.
In 1999, the company embarked on an expansion plan at its current premises in Rawang, Selangor, MALAYSIA.
BSA was honoured by the Malaysian Government by being presented the MITI's Industry Excellence Award 1999 (Export Excellence Category) by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
BSA - The Internationally accepted symbol of SUCCESS.
This day marks the Official Opening Ceremony of BSA 4th alloy wheel factory by our Prime Minister, YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi.
BSA founder, Dato' Dr Cam Soh with Prime Minister, YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi.

Moving along with globalization
Fast forwarding into the future, CAM spearheads the different markets with a fortified marketing strategy that is focused on nurturing and forging strategic alliances with pre-existing international dealers to achieve localization on the globalization forefront.
Looking at the style of its operation, CAM deals with businesses that involve joint-ventures with other rim companies all over the world. This is to widen and further expand the businesses of all parties with shared resources available to claim greater productivity and profitability. As a result, opportunities are doubled and equally shared brands are localized to meet the needs in respective countries.
Winning collaboration from the start, a joint-venture was formed that triggered a chain of exciting successes. The manufacturer nered strong support for a steady stream of products and a solid local marketing network for its distribution, hence working towards the benefit of localization in the target country.
The winning result was immediate as after the joint-venture, demands increased ten folds with 300,000 wheels sold compared to the modest figure of 30,000 at the start.

BFM Black Full Machined
B-M Black Machined Lip
BR Gold
B-SL Black Steel Lip
BWM Black Wave Full Machined
FS Full Silver
MBZ Matt Bronze
MBZ-M Matt Bronze Machined Lip
MBZ-SL Matt Bronze Steel Lip
MS-SL Metallic Silver Steel Lip
PHB Premium Hyper Black
PHB-M Premium Hyper Black Machined Lip
PHB-SL Premium Hyper Black Steel Lip
PHG Premium Hyper Grey
PHG-M Premium Hyper Grey Machined Lip
PHS Premium Hyper Silver
PHS-M Premium Hyper Silver Machined Lip
PHS-SL Premium Hyper Silver Steel Lip
R Red
RC Real Chrome
RC2T Two Tone Real Chrome
SFM Silver Full Machined
SM Silver Machined Lip
TB Titanium Black
TS Titanium Silver
W White
Y Yellow
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