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Conti introduces truck tyre visual alignment indicators

Continental Tyres has introduced new visual alignment indicators (VAI) on two long distance truck tyre sizes; the first time such indicators have become available on truck tyres in Europe. The VAIs aim to show operators incorrect wheel alignment on trucks and trailers more easily and without the use of expensive electronic measuring systems.

Conti says the system should help fleet operators to spot excessive positive or negative camber angles or too much toe-in or toe-out, all of which can decrease tyre life through uneven wear and increase fuel consumption. Early detection through a simple visual check can be carried out as part of a routine maintenance inspection.
The VAI indicators are pairs of sipes which are one to four millimetres deep and positioned on each shoulder of the tyre at five defined measuring points. At regular maintenance intervals, operators or service providers can simply compare the wear on the indicators on each side of the tyre to check if the tyre is wearing evenly.
Commercial marketing manager Tracey Hyem commented: “The indicators have been designed to alert customers to the first signs of incorrect wheel alignment, as this increases rolling resistance and causes premature wear and can lead to higher operating costs both in terms of fuel and replacement tyres. The simplicity of the VAI also means that no specialist knowledge is necessary, so everyone can benefit.”
The indicators will be included at no extra cost on selected long distance tyres in the new 2+ range, initially in tyre sizes 315/70 R 22.5 (standard and XL versions) and 355/50 R 22.5. While they have been used in the USA for many years, Continental is the first tyre manufacturer to introduce VAI in Europe.

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