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BF Goodrich
BF Goodrich g-Force Profiler

BF Goodrich g-Force Profiler

For sports cars and fast cars
g-Force Profiler : The ultimate grip for the ultimate performance
Already tested and approved by more than 500 European dealers. Everybody admitted to being impressed by its incomparable performance and grip : control, road-holding, precision, grip.
The g-Force Profiler, is an assurance that you will get maximum performance from your vehicle, get maximum power from it and appreciate its driving sensations whilst remaining in complete control.
The IGC Pack : "Improved Grip Components"
A revolutionary idea that makes all the difference.
- A unique mix of componentsgives the rubber exceptional internal rigidity, increasing the tyre's external flexibility and allowing it to mould itself into rough patches on the roads .
- A super-slick directional tread repels water at high speed.
- Fine grooves provide better adhesion on wet surfaces.
Unique, eye-catching design
- Symmetrical, palm-shaped tread pattern : tread points in one direction for unparalleled geodynamic power.
- Massive, square shoulders : the angularity highlights their sporty, aggressive attitude.
- A unique range of sizes able to equip certain cars with 18",19" or 20" tyres.
Formidable grip, easy to feel the difference
With 10% more surface in contact with the ground, g-Force Profiler benefits from extraordinary grip and brings a real increase in sensation on bends.
Vehicle control and handling are also proportionally increased.
Excellent overall performance
- 100% comfort, control and safety in all conditions
- 10% more control and handling
Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
195/45 R1578 Vg-Force ProfilerFR Ask
195/50 R1582 Vg-Force ProfilerES Ask
205/50 ZR1586 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
205/50 R1586 Vg-Force Profiler Ask
195/45 R16 XL84 Vg-Force Profiler Ask
195/55 R1687 Vg-Force Profiler Ask
205/45 ZR1683 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
205/45 R1683 Vg-Force Profiler Ask
205/50 ZR1687 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
205/50 R1687 Vg-Force Profiler Ask
205/55 R1691 Vg-Force Profiler Ask
205/55 ZR1691 Wg-Force ProfilerDE Ask
215/40 ZR16 XL86 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
215/55 ZR1693 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
215/55 R1693 Vg-Force Profiler Ask
225/45 ZR1689 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
225/50 ZR1692 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
225/50 R1692 Vg-Force Profiler Ask
225/55 ZR1695 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
225/55 R1695 Vg-Force ProfilerESOrder
225/60 ZR1698 Wg-Force ProfilerHU Ask
235/60 ZR16100 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
205/40 ZR17 XL84 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
205/45 R17 XL88 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
205/50 R1789 Yg-Force ProfilerHU Ask
215/40 ZR17 XL87 Wg-Force ProfilerDE, HU Ask
215/45 ZR17 XL91 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
215/50 R17 XL95 Wg-Force ProfilerFR Ask
225/45 R17 XL94 Vg-Force Profiler Ask
225/45 ZR1791 Wg-Force ProfilerFR Ask
225/45 ZR17 XL94 Wg-Force Profiler Ask
225/45 ZR1791 Yg-Force ProfilerHU Ask
225/50 ZR1794 Wg-Force ProfilerFR Ask
225/55 ZR1797 Wg-Force ProfilerFR Ask
235/40 ZR1790 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
235/45 ZR17 XL97 Yg-Force ProfilerHU Ask
235/45 ZR1794 Yg-Force ProfilerHU Ask
245/40 ZR1791 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
245/45 ZR1795 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
255/40 ZR1794 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
215/35 ZR18 XL84 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
225/30 ZR18 XL82 Yg-Force ProfilerFR Ask
225/40 ZR18 XL92 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
235/40 ZR18 XL95 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
245/40 ZR1893 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
245/40 ZR18 XL97 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
245/45 ZR1896 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
255/35 ZR18 XL94 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
265/35 ZR1893 Yg-Force ProfilerFR Ask
275/35 ZR1895 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
215/35 ZR19 XL85 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
225/30 ZR19 XL83 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
225/35 ZR19 XL88 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
235/35 ZR19 XL91 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
245/35 ZR19 XL93 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
265/30 ZR19 XL93 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
275/30 ZR19 XL96 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
225/30 ZR20 XL85 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
255/30 ZR20 XL92 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
255/35 ZR20 XL97 Yg-Force ProfilerFR Ask
285/30 ZR20 XL99 Yg-Force Profiler Ask
295/25 ZR20 XL95 Yg-Force Profiler Ask

BF Goodrich size marks key

F Original equipment for Ford
GM Original equipment for General Motors
T Original equipment for Toyota
DC Original equipment for Daimler-Chrysler
N Original equipment for Nissan
IZ Original equipment for Isuzu
HY Original equipment for Hyundai
HO Original equipment for Honda
K Original equipment for Kia
BSW Black sidewall
RWL Raised white lettering
tt This size uses 4 full nylon carcass plies
XL Extra load
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