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Cooper Discoverer M+S2

Cooper Discoverer M+S2

The Discoverer M+S2 is Coopers new directional 4x4x/SUV winter tyre offering excellent performance in severe weather conditions. Ideal for winter with stud holes for stud fitting, which provides the capability of improved traction on ice.

Features: Benefits:
Directional Tread: Modern directional tread for improved traction with low noise levels, featuring tread blocks with Lamellen siping improving traction and braking in the most severe winter conditions of snow and ice.
Enhanced Tread Compound: Improves braking in wet and icy conditions(*).
Severe Snow Symbol: Marked with the severe snow symbol, the official rating for use in severe snow conditions.
S-Marked: In line with new European legislation.
T-Speed Rated: For speeds up to 118mph (190 Km/h), including extra load sizes where appropriate.
Offset Stud Pin Holes: Provide enhanced stud retention while delivering optimum traction on ice.
Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
205/70 R1596 TDiscoverer M+S2UKOrder
205/70 R1596 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаUK Ask
235/75 R15 XL109 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаUK Ask
235/75 R15 XL109 TDiscoverer M+S2 під шипUK Ask
215/65 R1698 TDiscoverer M+S2UK2517.06Buy
215/65 R1698 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаUK Ask
215/70 R16100 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипована Ask
215/70 R16100 TDiscoverer M+S2 під шипUK1600.33Buy
215/70 R16100 SDiscoverer M+S2 Ask
225/70 R16103 TDiscoverer M+S2GB, US Ask
225/70 R16103 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаGB, US Ask
225/75 R16104 TDiscoverer M+S2UK3063.06Buy
225/75 R16104 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаUK Ask
245/70 R16107 TDiscoverer M+S2UK3199.56Buy
245/70 R16107 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаUK Ask
255/70 R16111 TDiscoverer M+S2UKOrder
255/70 R16111 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаUK Ask
265/70 R16112 TDiscoverer M+S2UK3499.86Buy
265/70 R16112 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаUK Ask
225/65 R17102 TDiscoverer M+S2UK3213.21Buy
225/65 R17102 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаUK Ask
235/65 R17 XL108 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаUK Ask
235/65 R17 XL108 TDiscoverer M+S2UK3213.21Buy
245/65 R17107 SDiscoverer M+S2 (OWL) Ask
265/65 R17112 TDiscoverer M+S2UK3622.71Buy
235/60 R18107 TDiscoverer M+S2UK Ask
235/60 R18107 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипованаUK Ask
255/55 R18 XL109 TDiscoverer M+S2 під шипUK2716.35Buy
255/55 R18 XL109 TDiscoverer M+S2 шипована Ask
275/55 R20 XL117 SDiscoverer M+S2 Ask

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