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Federal Couragia S/U

Federal Couragia S/U

High performance "H" and "V" rated SUV tyre for on-road performance and the delivers a comfortable ride for everyday driving. All season performance. The low profile Couragia delivers on street style combined with a wild, aggressive attitude. The utmost statement of style. Stylish tread pattern and design delivers ultimate traction, high performance grip, uniform wear rate, and all weather handling. Wide V-shaped grooves increase water dispersion capabilities and prevent aquaplaning. Designed predominantly for on-road use, the Couragia delivers high-speed comfort, low noise levels and quick steering response for your favorite SUV and/or pick-up.


  • New SRG (Sloped Radius Gradient) tread pattern for outstanding wet performance, namely wet handling, and prevents uneven wear

  • Unique complex sipes for ultimate comfort at all speeds

  • Extra hard carbon black in rubber compound reduces tyre flexion - increases comfort when cornering

  • Large shoulder blocks engineered for tighter grip when cornering, improved handling capability and enhanced steering response

  • High tensile bead wire and high bead filler maximize tire stability, safety and high speed reliability

  • Rim Protector provides extra protection for rims from curbs and potholes

  • High Turn-Up Polyester Casing keeps tyre in proper dimensions and significantly enhances safety during heat build-up

Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
205/70 R1596 HCouragia S/UTW Ask
225/70 R15100 HCouragia S/UTW Ask
255/60 R15102 HCouragia S/U Ask
255/70 R15108 HCouragia S/U Ask
265/70 R15112 HCouragia S/U Ask
275/60 R15107 HCouragia S/U Ask
215/70 R16100 HCouragia S/UTW Ask
235/60 R16100 HCouragia S/UTW Ask
235/70 R16106 HCouragia S/U Ask
245/70 R16107 HCouragia S/UTW Ask
255/55 R16103 HCouragia S/U Ask
255/55 R16103 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
255/65 R16109 HCouragia S/U Ask
255/70 R16111 HCouragia S/U Ask
265/70 R16112 HCouragia S/UTW Ask
275/60 R16109 HCouragia S/U Ask
275/70 R16114 HCouragia S/UTW2790.06Buy
225/60 R17 XL105 HCouragia S/UTW Ask
235/60 R17102 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
235/65 R17 XL108 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
245/65 R17107 HCouragia S/UTW Ask
255/60 R17 XL110 VCouragia S/U Ask
255/60 R17110 HCouragia S/U Ask
275/60 R17111 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
285/60 R17114 VCouragia S/U Ask
225/65 R18103 HCouragia S/UTW2579.85Buy
235/55 R18100 VCouragia S/UKR, TW Ask
265/60 R18110 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
285/55 R18113 VCouragia S/U Ask
285/60 R18116 HCouragia S/UTW Ask
285/60 R18116 VCouragia S/UTW3398.85Buy
255/50 R19 XL107 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
255/50 R19 XL107 VCouragia S/U Ask
285/45 R19107 VCouragia S/U Ask
255/45 R20105 VCouragia S/UTW3740.10Buy
265/50 R20112 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
275/40 R20 XL106 WCouragia S/UTW Ask
275/45 R20109 VCouragia S/U Ask
275/45 R20 XL110 VCouragia S/UTW3849.30Buy
275/55 R20117 VCouragia S/UTW3876.60Buy
275/60 R20 XL119 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
275/60 R20114 VCouragia S/U Ask
285/50 R20112 VCouragia S/UTW4395.30Buy
295/40 R20106 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
295/45 R20114 VCouragia S/U Ask
305/45 R20112 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
305/50 R20120 VCouragia S/U Ask
315/35 R20106 WCouragia S/UTW Ask
265/30 R2293 VCouragia S/U Ask
265/35 R22102 VCouragia S/UTW Ask
285/30 R22101 VCouragia S/U Ask
305/40 R22114 VCouragia S/U Ask
305/45 R22118 VCouragia S/U Ask
305/35 R23111 VCouragia S/U Ask
305/40 R23115 VCouragia S/U Ask

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