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1960 Established KUMHO TIRES (then called Samyang Tire Co.)

1965 Maiden export to Thailand of 200 tires

1966 Acquired U.S. DOT (Department of Transportation) Mark

1974 Completed the construction of Gwangju Plant

1975 Developed Radial Tire

1976 Acquired Certification of Military Aircraft tires from the U.S.
Military Authorities acquired

1981 Established Research and Development Center in Gwangju, Korea

1984 Won Grand Prize for Productivity Improvement

1989 Completed the construction of Gokseong plant

1991 Ranked the 10th in the world tire industry

1992 Passed F.A.A. Test of the U.S. for KUMHO's commercial aircraft tire

1994 Acquired ISO - 9001 Certification

1996 Acquired ISO - 14001 Certification for Gokseong plant

1996 Acquired ISO - 14001 Certification for Gwangju plant

1998 Acuired QS 9000 certification for Gwangju and Gokseong plants

1999 Developed Run flat tire developed, 4th in the world tire industry
- Developed Automated Production Unit (APU)

2000 Developed building machine for UHP(Ultra High Performance) tires
- Became official supplier of the International Formula 3 Korea Super Prix

2001 Acquired VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V) Certification

2002 Ranked the 2nd in the Customer Satisfaction Survey by J.D. Power and Associates
- Became official supplier of the Marlboro Masters Formula 3
Developed world's first UHP 26 inch tire

2003 Ranked the 9th in the world tire industry
Established an Automated Production Unit(APU) plant in Pyungtak
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