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Kumho KH11

Kumho KH11

The Ecsta KH11 is Kumho's Grand Touring Summer tire designed for the drivers of sports coupes and sporty sedans. It was developed to provide a unique blend of ride comfort, noise qualities and responsive handling while providing very good traction on wet and dry roads. Like all summer tires, Ecsta KH11 tires are not intended to be driven in near freezing temperatures, through snow of on ice.

On the outside, the Ecsta KH11 features a racing-inspired, silica-enhanced tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread design. Large outer tread blocks and a continuous center rib help provide stable cornering, responsive steering and high speed stability. Three wide circumferential tread grooves and multiple lateral tread grooves evacuate water from under the tire's footprint to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Internally, the Ecsta KH11 features twin steel belts reinforced by spiral-wrapped nylon cord to stabilize the tread area, enhancing treadwear, handling and high-speed capability while maximizing ride uniformity. The Ecsta KH11 is refined through the use of Kumho's ESCOT Technology that optimizes the tire's shape, internal tension and footprint contact pressure.
Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
185/55 R1480 HECSTA KH11 Ask
185/60 R1482 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
155/60 R1574 TECSTA KH11 Ask
175/55 R1577 TECSTA KH11 Ask
185/55 R1582 HECSTA KH11KR Ask
185/60 R1584 HECSTA KH11KR Ask
195/50 R1582 VECSTA KH11 Ask
195/50 R1582 HECSTA KH11KR Ask
195/55 R1585 HECSTA KH11KR Ask
195/60 R1588 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
195/65 R1591 HECSTA KH11KR Ask
195/65 R1591 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
205/60 R1591 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
205/60 R1591 WECSTA KH11 Ask
205/65 R1594 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
205/65 R1594 WECSTA KH11 Ask
215/60 R1594 VECSTA KH11 Ask
215/65 R15100 HECSTA KH11KR Ask
215/70 R15102 TECSTA KH11KR Ask
225/60 R1596 VECSTA KH11KROrder
185/50 R1681 VECSTA KH11 Ask
195/45 R1680 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
195/50 R1684 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
205/45 R1683 VECSTA KH11 Ask
205/45 R1683 HECSTA KH11KR Ask
205/50 R1687 VECSTA KH11 Ask
205/50 R1687 WECSTA KH11 Ask
205/55 R1691 WECSTA KH11 Ask
205/55 R1691 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
215/55 R1693 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
215/55 R1693 WECSTA KH11 Ask
215/60 R1695 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
215/60 R1695 WECSTA KH11 Ask
215/65 R1698 HECSTA KH11KR Ask
225/50 R1692 WECSTA KH11 Ask
225/55 R1695 VECSTA KH11KR Ask
225/55 R1695 WECSTA KH11KR Ask
225/60 R1698 WECSTA KH11KR Ask
235/60 R16100 WECSTA KH11KR Ask
205/50 R1793 WECSTA KH11 Ask
215/45 R1787 WECSTA KH11 Ask
215/50 R1791 WECSTA KH11 Ask
225/45 R1791 WECSTA KH11KR Ask
225/50 R1794 WECSTA KH11KR Ask
225/55 R1797 WECSTA KH11KR Ask
235/45 R1794 WECSTA KH11KR Ask
235/50 R1796 WECSTA KH11 Ask
235/55 R1799 WECSTA KH11KR Ask
215/55 R1895 HECSTA KH11 Ask
225/40 R18 RF92 WECSTA KH11 Ask

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