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Kumho KH15

Kumho KH15

Outstanding Performance on the wet & dry roads in addtion to low noise.
Special tread compound improving driving, braking force on wet road.
Advanced belt package design.
Special Bead wire applied for high load capacity & blocking vibration from roads.
Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
145/70 R1371 TSolus KH15KR Ask
155/65 R1373 TSolus KH15 Ask
155/65 R1373 HSolus KH15KR Ask
155/70 R1375 TSolus KH15KR Ask
165/65 R1377 TSolus KH15KR Ask
165/70 R13 RF83 TSolus KH15KR Ask
175/60 R1377 HSolus KH15 Ask
175/65 R1380 TSolus KH15KR Ask
175/70 R1382 TSolus KH15KR Ask
185/60 R1380 HSolus KH15KR Ask
165/60 R1475 HSolus KH15KR Ask
165/65 R1479 TSolus KH15KR1215.67Buy
165/70 R1481 TSolus KH15KR Ask
175/60 R1479 TSolus KH15 Ask
175/60 R1479 HSolus KH15 Ask
175/65 R1482 TSolus KH15KR Ask
175/65 R1482 HSolus KH15KR Ask
175/70 R1484 TSolus KH15 Ask
175/70 R1484 HSolus KH15KR Ask
185/60 R1482 VSolus KH15 Ask
185/60 R1482 TSolus KH15KR Ask
185/60 R1482 HSolus KH15KR Ask
185/65 R1486 TSolus KH15KR Ask
185/65 R1486 HSolus KH15KR Ask
185/70 R1488 TSolus KH15 Ask
185/70 R1488 HSolus KH15KR Ask
195/60 R1486 VSolus KH15 Ask
195/60 R1486 HSolus KH15KR Ask
195/65 R1489 VSolus KH15 Ask
195/65 R1486 HSolus KH15KR Ask
195/70 R1491 HSolus KH15KR Ask
175/50 R1575 HSolus KH15 Ask
175/65 R1584 HSolus KH15KR Ask
185/65 R1588 VSolus KH15 Ask
185/65 R1588 TSolus KH15KR Ask
185/65 R1588 HSolus KH15KR Ask
195/55 R1585 HSolus KH15 Ask
195/55 R1585 VSolus KH15 Ask
195/60 R1588 HSolus KH15KR Ask
195/65 R1591 TSolus KH15KR Ask
195/65 R1591 VSolus KH15 Ask
195/65 R1591 HSolus KH15KR Ask
205/60 R1591 HSolus KH15KR Ask
205/60 R1591 VSolus KH15KR Ask
205/65 R1594 VSolus KH15 Ask
205/65 R1594 HSolus KH15KR Ask
215/60 R1594 VSolus KH15 Ask
215/65 R1596 VSolus KH15 Ask
215/65 R1596 HSolus KH15KR Ask
225/60 R1596 WSolus KH15 Ask
255/70 R15108 SSolus KH15 Ask
195/55 R1687 HSolus KH15 Ask
205/50 R1687 VSolus KH15 Ask
205/55 R1691 HSolus KH15 Ask
205/60 R1692 VSolus KH15 Ask
205/60 R1692 HSolus KH15KR Ask
205/65 R1695 HSolus KH15 Ask
215/60 R1695 VSolus KH15KR Ask
215/65 R1698 HSolus KH15KR Ask
225/60 R1698 VSolus KH15KR Ask
225/70 R16102 HSolus KH15 Ask
235/60 R16100 HSolus KH15KR Ask
235/70 R16104 TSolus KH15KR Ask
225/50 R1794 VSolus KH15 Ask
235/55 R17 RF103 VSolus KH15 Ask
235/55 R1799 VSolus KH15 Ask
255/60 R18108 HSolus KH15KR Ask

XRP eXtended Runflat Performance Kumho RunFlat Technology
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