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Kumho KL12

Kumho KL12

Ultra High Performance Light Truck & SUV

The Ecsta STX is engineered to provide extreme performance in all-seasons, providing all-out wet and dry handling to SUVs and light trucks that has been previously reserved for passenger tires.

Special Features

  • All-season performance.

  • Two wide circumferential and lateral grooves evacuate water from under the tread area to minimize the risk of hydroplaning.

  • Large, stable tread blocks promote a solid footprint and responsive steering under the most demanding conditions.

  • Variable pitch tread blocks assist with road harmonics to produce a quiet ride reducing vehicle cabin noise.

  • Jointless construction and bead reinforcement: ensures durability, large contact patch and steering response.

  • Rim protector in lower sidewall safeguards wheels against curb damage.

Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
255/60 R15102 HEcsta STX KL12 Ask
255/70 R15108 HEcsta STX KL12 Ask
265/70 R15112 HEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
275/60 R15107 HEcsta STX KL12 Ask
295/50 R15108 HEcsta STX KL12 Ask
235/70 R16105 HEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
255/55 R16103 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
255/65 R16109 HEcsta STX KL12 Ask
255/65 R16109 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
275/70 R16114 HEcsta STX KL12KR2979.52Buy
225/55 R1797 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
235/65 R17104 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
255/50 R17101 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
255/60 R17106 VEcsta STX KL12KR2787.33Buy
265/60 R17108 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
275/55 R17109 VEcsta STX KL123059.24Buy
275/60 R17110 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
285/60 R17114 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
235/60 R18107 VKL12KR Ask
245/65 R18 XL110 HEcsta STX KL12 Ask
255/40 R1899 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
255/55 R18 RF109 VEcsta STX KL12KR2989.35Buy
265/60 R18110 HEcsta STX KL12 Ask
265/60 R18110 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
275/55 R18114 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
285/50 R18109 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
285/60 R18116 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
255/50 R19103 WEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
255/50 R19103 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
285/45 R19107 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
285/45 R19107 WEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
265/45 R20 RF108 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
265/50 R20111 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
275/40 R20102 WEcsta STX KL12 Ask
275/45 R20106 WEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
275/55 R20 RF117 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
285/50 R20112 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
295/40 R20106 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
295/45 R20 RF114 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
305/40 R20114 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
305/45 R20 RF116 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
305/50 R20 RF120 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
265/35 R22 RF102 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
275/45 R22112 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
285/30 R22 RF101 WEcsta STX KL12 Ask
285/45 R22114 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
295/30 R22 RF103 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
305/40 R22 RF114 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
305/45 R22 RF118 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
325/40 R22 RF118 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
305/40 R23 RF115 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
305/35 R24 RF114 VEcsta STX KL12KR Ask
305/30 R26 RF110 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask
305/30 R28 RF111 VEcsta STX KL12 Ask

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