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Kumho KU31

Kumho KU31

R.W.I System(Rotate Wear Indicators)
-The Customer can monitor the life of the tread by watching the Rotate Wear Indicator numbers.
-The customer can also visually monitor the type of tread.
By monitoring, the customer determine if misalignment or other mechanical problems may be causing uneven wear.

Improved wet performance
-Application of notches prtecting water turbulance through longitudinal grooves.
-Slashed sipes in the lateral grooves for improving water removal.

Good performance though worn out
-Though KU31 is worn on and on, it maintain its unique performance continuously.
-Especially, even wear of KU31 suppress the harsh noise level that is generated as time goes on.
Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
185/60 R1380 HECSTA SPT KU31KROrder
185/55 R1480 HECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
185/60 R1482 HECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
185/65 R1486 HECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
185/70 R1480 HECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
185/55 R1582 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
195/45 R1578 VECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
195/50 R1582 HECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
195/50 R1582 VECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
195/55 R1585 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
195/60 R1588 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
195/65 R1591 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
205/50 R1586 VECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
205/55 R1588 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
205/60 R1591 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
205/65 R1594 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
215/65 R15100 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
165/45 R1674 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
195/45 R1684 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
195/50 R1684 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
195/50 R1684 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
195/50 R1688 VECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
195/55 R1687 YRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRP Ask
205/40 R1683 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
205/45 R1687 WECSTA SPT KU31KROrder
205/50 R1687 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
205/55 R1691 VECSTA SPT KU31CN, KR Ask
205/55 R1691 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
205/60 R1696 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
215/40 R1686 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
215/55 R1697 WECSTA SPT KU31KR, VNOrder
215/60 R1695 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
225/45 R1689 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
225/50 R1692 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
225/50 R1692 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
225/50 R1692 WRFTECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
225/55 R1699 WECSTA SPT KU31KR, VN Ask
225/60 R1698 VECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
235/60 R16104 VECSTA SPT KU31KR, VN Ask
245/50 R1697 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
205/40 R1784 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
205/45 R1788 WECSTA SPT KU311953.86Buy
205/45 R1784 VRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRP Ask
205/50 R1793 WECSTA SPT KU31KR1965.87Buy
205/50 R1793 WRFTECSTA SPT KU31 XRP Ask
215/40 R1787 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
215/45 R1791 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
215/50 R1795 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
215/55 R1798 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
215/55 R1794 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
215/55 ZR1794 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
225/45 ZR1791 WRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRPKR Ask
225/45 ZR17 XL94 WRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRPKR Ask
225/45 ZR1794 YECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
225/50 R1798 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
225/50 ZR17 XL98 WRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRPKR Ask
225/50 R1794 WRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRP Ask
225/55 R17101 WECSTA SPT KU31KR, TR2202.84Buy
235/40 R1794 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
235/45 R1797 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
235/50 R1796 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
235/55 ZR17 XL103 WRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRPKR Ask
235/55 ZR1799 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
235/55 ZR17 XL103 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
245/40 R1795 YECSTA SPT KU31KR2082.44Buy
245/45 R1795 WECSTA SPT KU31KR2536.72Buy
245/45 R1795 WRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRP Ask
255/40 R1794 YECSTA SPT KU312547.64Buy
255/45 R1798 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
255/50 R17101 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
275/40 R1798 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
285/40 R17100 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
215/35 R1884 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
215/40 R1889 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
215/45 R1889 YECSTA SPT KU31KR2966.42Buy
215/45 R18 XL93 YECSTA SPT KU31Order
225/40 R1892 YECSTA SPT KU31KR2335.24Buy
225/45 R1891 YECSTA SPT KU31KROrder
225/45 R1891 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
235/40 R1895 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
235/45 R1898 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
235/50 R18101 YECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
245/40 R18 XL97 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
245/40 ZR18 XL97 YRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRP Ask
245/40 R1893 YRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRP Ask
245/45 ZR18 XL100 YECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
245/50 R18100 WRFTECSTA SPT KU31 XRP Ask
245/50 R18100 WECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
245/50 ZR18100 WRunFlatECSTA SPT KU31 XRPKR Ask
255/50 R18102 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
265/35 R1897 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
275/35 R1899 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
275/40 R1899 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
285/50 R18109 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
295/30 R1894 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
215/35 R1985 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
225/35 R1988 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
225/40 R1993 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
235/35 R1991 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
245/35 R1993 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
245/35 R1993 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
245/40 R1998 YECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
245/40 R1994 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
245/45 R19100 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
255/35 R1996 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
255/40 R19 XL100 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
255/40 ZR19100 WECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
265/35 R1993 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
275/35 R1996 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
275/40 R19105 YECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
275/40 R19101 YECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
285/35 R1999 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
225/30 R20 XL89 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
225/35 R2089 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
245/35 R2095 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
245/40 R2095 YECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
255/35 R2097 YECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask
275/30 R2097 YECSTA SPT KU31 Ask
275/35 R2098 YECSTA SPT KU31KR Ask

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