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Kumho KL78

Kumho KL78

The KL78 is the newest member of the Road Venture AT family. The KL78 has the instinct of a high performance street tire with the agility to venture into the unknown.
Great handling, outstanding traction on paved or unpaved roads, long mileage and low noise make the Road Venture AT KL78 a great fit for today’s pick-up trucks and SUV’s.

Special Features:
- Circumferential zig-zag grooves, along with multiple lateral grooves and sipes, provides excellent driving traction on and off the highway.
- Full depth circumferential tread grooves evacuate water from the footprint area, reducing the risk of hydroplaning and improving wet handling and braking.
- Optimized tread groove tapers promote self cleaning of mud and snow for better all-terrain traction.
- High tensile steel belts and endless nylon cap ply application promote a uniform tire shape for excellent durability and higher speed capability, for the life of the tire.
- Tread compound specifically designed to combat cutting and chipping.
- Computer generated sequential pitch design for optimum traction and a quiet ride.
Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
205/75 R1597 SRoad Venture AT KL78KR Ask
215/75 R15100/97 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL)KR Ask
235/75 R15108 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
235/75 R15105 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL)KR Ask
235/75 R15104/101 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL)KR Ask
255/75 R15110 SRoad Venture AT KL78 Ask
30x9.50 R15104 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
31x10.50 R15109 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL)KR Ask
215/85 R16110/107 QRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
215/85 R16115/112 QRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
225/75 R16112/115 QRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
225/75 R16110/107 QRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL)KR Ask
235/70 R16104 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
235/85 R16120/116 QRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
245/70 R16106 SRoad Venture AT KL78 Ask
245/75 R16120/116 QRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
245/75 R16109 SRoad Venture AT KL78 Ask
255/70 R16109 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL)VN Ask
265/70 R16111 SRoad Venture AT KL78 Ask
265/75 R16114 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL)3388.48Buy
265/75 R16112/109 QRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
265/75 R16119/116 QRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
265/75 R16120/116 QRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
285/75 R16122/119 QRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL)3828.55Buy
305/70 R16124 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
315/75 R16121 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
245/65 R17105 SRoad Venture AT KL78 Ask
255/65 R17108 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
265/65 R17112 HRoad Venture AT KL78KR Ask
265/70 R17121/118 SRoad Venture AT KL78KR Ask
265/70 R17113 SRoad Venture AT KL78 Ask
285/70 R17117 SRoad Venture AT KL78 Ask
265/70 R18114 SRoad Venture AT KL78 Ask
325/60 R18119 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
325/65 R18121 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
355/65 R18125 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
325/60 R20120 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
355/50 R20122 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
355/60 R20122 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask
325/50 R22121 SRoad Venture AT KL78 (OWL) Ask

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