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Kumho RunFlat Technology - XRP

XRP stands for eXtended Runflat Performance – exclusive technology used by Kumho to produce run flat tires

The new generation of tires displays unprecedented performance and puts safety first. KUMHO TIRES' advanced run flat tires allow you to take control of the road both inflated and flat. A special rubber compound that can withstand heat and lower combustion rates is used in these special tires, providing you with safety and peace of mind while driving. Now that's what we like to call "well-rounded."

How It Works

Run Flat technology uses a sidewall reinforced by strong, low heat-generating rubber. Run flat tires do not require an additional rim like ordinary tires, because its bead is specially sealed to remain in contact with the rim during a puncture or loss of air. As a result, tires can run at least 80 more kilometers at speeds of up to 80km/h, even when the tire pressure gets low or tire becomes flat.

Environmentally Conscious

A unique rubber compound that can withstand extremely high temperatures lowers the combustion rate of tires, reducing emissions into the air and making it safer for the environment.

Tire Monitoring System

A special Tire Monitoring System can be placed on the rim of a run flat tire to conveniently check check the contained tire pressure and temperature when on the road.

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