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Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT 2

Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT 2

Strength and stability for demanding use
- Extremely stable driving response
- Effortless grip and movement, even in demanding winter conditions
- Excellent driving result
The new special winter tyre, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2, is a combination of uncompromised grip and exceptional durability. Designed for heavy-duty use, this sturdy new product remains unwavering and moves safely and effortlessly on any surface – slippery, icy roads and snow-covered sites alike.
Apart from the typical superior grip of the Hakkapeliitta products, this new tyre stands out from its predecessors with its excellent wear resistance and unique driving stability. In addition to convincing grip in extreme conditions, this hard-working tyre provides a precise, logical and balanced driving experience. It maintains its precision and stability even in the most challenging conditions.
Tailored, strong and durable structure
This heavy-duty professional features a two-ply structure, optimised to carry the heavy wheel loads of pick-up-type trucks and vans and adjust to the requirements of heavy axle loads. The specially designed steel belt package is also reinforced in the shoulder area, and it contains over 60% more steel than regular passenger car tyres.
The top-notch durability is supported by the tread compound that is extremely tear- and cut-resistant. The sidewall abrasion protection further enhances reliability and prevents puncture damage.
Stable driving
In addition to its sturdy structure, this full-blooded new member of the Hakkapeliitta family provides stable driving and grip thanks to the strong siping of the aggressive tread pattern. Dense grooving actively removes water and slush from between the tyre and road. The tread pattern also efficiently cleans out snow.
To enhance the driving response on snow-free roads, the tyre features massive and long, sideways spreading tread blocks to stiffen the centre of the tread. The large amount of tread blocks with sharp edges is also reflected in the tyre's excellent snow grip.
Balance and grip
The diverse Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 successfully utilises the same ingenious technical solutions found in the test-winning Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 tyre for passenger cars. For a unique winter grip and soft road contact, the tyres are equipped with oriented steel studs and the Air Claw Technology – a flawless combination of an entirely new stud solution and the droplet-shaped air shock absorbers in the front edge of the tread blocks.
The eight-row stud division in the shoulder area ensures a firm longitudinal and lateral grip. The polyhedral studs feature a maximised contact area, which enhances stud grip on slippery surfaces.
Safer in the winter
The Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) and the snowflake symbol placed side by side improve driving comfort and safety. To facilitate tyre pressure management, there is an info area for marking the right tyre pressure and the tyre's placement under the car.
The Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 will first be available in a range of sizes covering 12 items from 16” to 18” tyres. The new product will be available in Nokian Tyres' core markets in spring 2012.
Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
215/85 R16115/112 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
215/85 R16115/112 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипованаFI4508.60Buy
225/75 R16115/112 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
225/75 R16115/112 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипованаRU4534.53Buy
235/85 R16120/116 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
235/85 R16120/116 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипована4809.44Buy
245/75 R16120/116 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
245/75 R16120/116 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипованаRU Ask
265/75 R16123/120 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
265/75 R16123/120 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипованаOrder
285/75 R16122/119 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
285/75 R16122/119 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипована Ask
225/75 R17116/113 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
225/75 R17116/113 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипована Ask
235/80 R17120/117 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
235/80 R17120/117 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипована Ask
245/70 R17119/116 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
245/70 R17119/116 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипована Ask
245/75 R17121/118 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
245/75 R17121/118 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипована Ask
265/70 R17121/118 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
265/70 R17121/118 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипована Ask
275/65 R18123/120 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 Ask
275/65 R18123/120 QHakkapeliitta LT 2 шипована9464.36Buy

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