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1935. - A workshop for production of rubber products and all sorts of rubber footwear was founded and named Tigar

1959. - The Tire Plant is finished and put in operation.
1966. - Construction of the Rubber Technical Goods Plant is completed.

1972. - First Radial passenger tire RD-201.
1974. - Agreement on Business Cooperation with BF Goodrich (USA).

1977. - Tigar put into operation a new Innertube Plant at thenearby town Babusnica.
1978. - Tigar expands its cooperation with the BF Goodrich Company(USA).

1981. - Tigar establishes its firm Tigar-Americas in Jacksonville (USA).
1988. - New Adhesive Plant is put into operation.

1990. - Tigar establishes Tigar Europe Enterprise in London (G.Britain).
1991. - Tigar is transformed into Joint Stock company.

1995. - Tigar receives ISO 9001 certificate (from the autorized Yugoslav Standardization Agency).
1996. - Renewed Business cooperation and license agreement.

1997. - The Extended Joint Venture Agreement with Michelin North America.
2000. - Renewed Business cooperation and license agreement.

2001. - Tigar and Michelin Group Joint Venture Agreement with the aim of joint company incorporation.
2002. - Joint company Incorporation Agreement among Tigar, Michelin and IFC.

2003. - Tigar-Michelin-IFC Joint Company incorporation.
2003. - Organization of Tigar on a corporate principle.
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