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Nankang SW-7

Nankang SW-7

  1. Center rib and directional pattern design enhances straight driving performance and maneuverability on snowy ground.

  2. Wide and zigzag lateral grooves plus big void ratio design enhances ice-pillar effect and reinforces grip on snowy road.

  3. Serrate multi-sipes design shortens braking distance on snowy and icy road to reinforce braking performance and driving safety on icy ground.

  4. Tri-dimensional sipes design on tire shoulder enhances block stiffness, maneuverability and cornering performance on icy ground.

  5. Circumferential and random-allocated spike holes design on tread pattern reinforces traction on harsh icy road.

  6. Unique silica formula used for all sizes enhances wet grip.

  7. Ha-oil free formula used for all sizes conforms to European Union’s environmental protection standard.

Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
155/70 R1375 TSW-7CN Ask
155/70 R1375 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
175/65 R14 XL86 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
175/65 R14 XL86 TSW-7CN Ask
175/70 R14 XL88 TSW-7CN Ask
175/70 R14 XL88 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
185/65 R14 XL90 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
185/65 R14 XL90 TSW-7CN Ask
185/70 R1488 TSW-7CN Ask
185/70 R1488 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
195/70 R1491 TSW-7CN, TH Ask
195/70 R1491 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
185/55 R15 XL86 TSW-7CN Ask
185/55 R15 XL86 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
185/65 R15 XL92 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
185/65 R15 XL92 TSW-7CN Ask
195/65 R15 XL95 TSW-7CN Ask
195/65 R15 XL95 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
205/65 R15 XL99 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
205/65 R15 XL99 TSW-7CN Ask
205/70 R15 XL100 TSW-7 шипована Ask
205/70 R15 XL100 TSW-7CN Ask
215/65 R15 XL100 HSW-7CN Ask
215/65 R15 XL100 HSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
195/55 R16 XL91 TSW-7 шипована Ask
195/55 R16 XL91 TSW-7 Ask
205/55 R16 XL94 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
205/55 R16 XL94 TSW-7CN Ask
205/60 R16 XL96 TSW-7 шипована Ask
205/60 R16 XL96 TSW-7CN Ask
215/55 R16 XL97 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
215/55 R16 XL97 TSW-7CN Ask
215/65 R16 XL102 TSW-7 шипована Ask
215/65 R16 XL102 TSW-7CN Ask
215/70 R16100 HSW-7CN Ask
215/70 R16100 HSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
225/45 R17 XL94 TSW-7 Ask
225/45 R17 XL94 TSW-7 шипована Ask
235/65 R17104 TSW-7CN Ask
235/65 R17104 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
265/65 R17 XL116 TSW-7 шипованаCN Ask
265/65 R17 XL116 TSW-7CN Ask

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