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Sumitomo HTRZ II

Sumitomo HTRZ II

Offers Ultimate Grip and Handling in Wet or Dry Conditions
Combines Compounds Composed of Ultra Micro Carbon Technology and Silica Based Rubber Engineering - Improving wet and dry traction
Revolutionary, Advanced, Aggressive Directional Tread Pattern
Bold, Wide Tread - Aggressive appearance, unyielding grip
Deep, Circumferential Center Rain Groove - Provides phenomenal hydroplaning resistance
Multi-Direction Water Channels - Improve wet traction and increase handling grip, handling performance, and steering response in the wet
Short, Wide Tread Blocks - Provide excellent cornering grip and performance, with quiet ride and reduced irregular wear
Variable Width Lateral Grooves - Minimize tread noise for quiet control while allowing excellent water evacuation from tread area
Wide Block Shoulder Stabilizers - Strengthen shoulders for maximum dry grip and greater, more predictable, steering response for cornering control, while minimizing irregular wear
Chaos Tread Pitch Sequencing - Minimizes noise for exceptionally quiet ride
Full-Width, High Density Steel Belts, Wrapped with Jointless Band Cap Ply - Promote stable, predictable handling, smooth ride, even treadwear, and superb uniformity
PSP Technology - Optimizes overall casing durability throughout the life of the tire
Wheel Flange Guard - Protects the wheel rim from curbing damage
Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
205/45 ZR1683 WHTRZ IIJP Ask
205/50 ZR1687 WHTRZ IIJP Ask
225/60 R1698 WHTRZ IIJP2907.45Buy
235/60 R16100 VHTRZ IIJP Ask
235/60 R16100 WHTRZ IIJPOrder
205/40 ZR17HTRZ II Ask
205/50 ZR1793 WHTRZ IIJP Ask
215/40 ZR17HTRZ IIJP Ask
215/45 ZR1787 WHTRZ IIJP2525.25Buy
225/45 ZR1790 WHTRZ IIJP2661.75Buy
235/40 ZR1791 WHTRZ II Ask
235/45 ZR1793 WHTRZ II2854.49Buy
235/45 R1793 WHTRZ IIJP2387.66Buy
245/40 ZR1791 WHTRZ IIJP Ask
245/45 ZR1795 WHTRZ IIJP3876.60Buy
245/45 R1795 VHTRZ IIJP Ask
255/40 ZR1794 WHTRZ IIJP4559.10Buy
255/45 ZR17HTRZ II Ask
275/40 ZR17HTRZ II Ask
235/40 ZR18HTRZ II Ask
235/40 ZR1891 WHTRZ II Ask
245/40 ZR1893 WHTRZ II Ask
255/45 ZR18105 VHTRZ IIJP Ask
255/45 R1899 WHTRZ IIJP Ask
265/35 ZR18HTRZ II Ask
285/35 ZR18HTRZ II Ask
235/35 R1991 WHTRZ II Ask
245/35 ZR20HTRZ II Ask
255/35 ZR20HTRZ II Ask

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