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Yokohama V550

Yokohama V550

The silent tyre with performance
Manufacturers like Jaguar have proved a luxury car can perform like a sports car without compromising comfort. With the AVS dB Yokohama has proved this is also possible with tyres. The AVS dB is the most quiet high performance tyre you will experience on your vehicle.

Noise Simulation Technology
The AVS dB decibel blocks out noise that traditionally comes with a high performance sports tyre. Yokohama perfected a fine balance of different tread block sizes to produce different noise frequencies, lessening road noise.

Silica Compound featuring Zeruma
Yokohamas patented silica compounding agent called Zeruma greatly increases the levels of silica blending in the process of designing a tyres tread compound. Without this technology, the superb wet grip levels of AVS dB could not be achieved.
Size Li/Ss Charact. Model Country Price  
195/60 R1588 VAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
195/65 R1595 VAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
195/65 R1595 HAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
205/60 R1595 VAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
205/65 R1599 VAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
225/60 R1596 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
205/55 R1694 VAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
205/55 R1694 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
205/60 R1696 VAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
215/55 R1697 VAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
215/55 R1697 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
225/50 R1696 VAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
225/50 R1696 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
225/55 R1699 VAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
225/55 R1699 WAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
225/60 R16102 WAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
235/60 R16104 WAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
205/50 R1793 WAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
215/45 R1791 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
225/45 R1794 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
225/55 R17 XL101 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
235/45 R1797 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
235/45 R1794 YAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
245/40 R1791 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
245/45 R1799 WAVS dB Decibel V550JPOrder
245/55 R17102 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
255/40 R1798 WAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
225/40 R1892 YAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
235/40 R1891 YAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
245/40 R1897 YAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
245/45 R18100 WAVS dB Decibel V550JP Ask
245/50 R18100 WAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask
265/35 R1897 YAVS dB Decibel V550 Ask

Yokohama sidewall marks (CAR TYRES)
RBL = Raised Black Letter
OWL/RBL = Outlined White Letter/Raised Black Letter
RPB = Rim Protection Bar
AO = Audi homologation
MO = Mercedes Benz homologation
G = Mercedes Benz G-Class homologation
AML = ASTON MARTIN homologation
LTS = LOTUS homologation
B1 = BENTLEY homologation
H0 = HONDA homologation

Yokohama original Tread Pattern Codes (TRUCK TYRES)
RY - Rib (All-position / Steer / Trailer)
TY - Traction block (Drive)
MY - Rib / Lug (Mixed Service) (All-position / Steer / Trailer)
LY - Lug (Drive)
SY - Snow / Winter
The new Zenvironment Series Tread Pattern Codes

- Pattern
  • 1: Rib
  • 3: Lug
  • 5: Rib Lug
  • 7: Block (Traction)
  • 9: Snow, Studless, Winter
- Category
  • L: Long Haul
  • A: On and Off (All Terrain)
  • U: Urban
  • R: Regional
  • W: Winter (Ice Performance)
  • E: Environment Special
  • S: Steer Special
  • D: Drive Special
  • T: Trailer Special
- Development Number 01 to 99
- "Z"environment Series
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